Committed employees, happy customers and community involvement. Taking care of everyone around us and our great planet are responsibilities that we take to heart in our business practises.

Sustainable Development

At Planipharm Design, we are committed to going the extra mile. Since we are a small, close-knit team with strong social and environmental values, we believe every act counts and can make a difference.

We surround ourselves with colleagues, suppliers and partners with the same values so we can work together for the good of the environment and community.

Values in action

Having an action plan to reduce our environmental footprint forces usto put our values into concrete action daily.

For example, one of our proudest achievements is the adoption of eco-responsible initiatives in our offices and our workshop to reduce waste. Eliminating disposable water bottles, adding reusable dishes, battery collection bins and bulk coffee purchases as well as paperless meetings are small initiatives with a huge impact. Plus, we are proud of reaching the Performance+ level of the ICI on recycle+ program by RECYC-QUÉBEC.

From design to installation

At each stage in a project, our team integrates sustainable development strategies that benefit everyone.

Tree Canada Partnership

Since May 2021, we have implemented a new eco-responsible initiative with Tree Canada to reduce our environmental footprint. We plant 1 tree for every 10 panels used to manufacture our sustainable furniture.

The average project requires about 100 panels. We are committed to planting 10 trees for every project, which means 400 trees per year.

Maillon Vert Partnership

To ensure all our projects reach the highest level of sustainable development, we developed an eco-responsibility chart in partnership with Maillon Vert. It helps us make the best eco-responsible decisions regarding our sustainability strategies, especially by integratinga range of environmentally friendly materials.

More than 80% of the materials we use are made from 100% recycled materials and are sourced from local suppliers.“Planipharm Design clients can be confident that each step in the completion of a project follows eco-responsible Best Practises to produce a locally and sustainably-finished product without compromising quality.”

Marc-Andre Mailhot, President/Founder, Maillon Vert

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